hue1316 2012-02-08 14:46:46

We are very sensitive to the report about reducing one's weight, the
good having-a meal method, overweight, etc., or news.
It is supposed that sugars will grow fat easily and grape sugar can be
especially obtained from the carbohydrate which people eat in the
simple form of sugar.
Every time we do not eat this grape sugar, we cannot make a living.
Grape sugar serves as a bodily engine, and in order to continue
running, it needs this fuel.
The body builds fuel for the combination of carbohydrate and fat for fuel.
Which exercised actively, what was eaten, or burning velocity differs by order.
It is thought that the cause of overweight is in an ingestion calorie
exceeding the consumption calorie by movement, basal metabolism, etc.
It is the best going-on-a-diet method to be hard to become fat and to
make into it the grape sugar obtained with the meal etc. by
Saturated fat is fat which is not good for man.
It is contained in fried chicken or a hamburger and is easy to
accumulate in the body.
Therefore, it is supposed that it is not suitable for a diet.
The danger of overweight of health disturbance, such as cardiopathy, is high.
Therefore, movement is indispensable also in order to maintain health.