hue1317 2012-02-02 16:45:11

Today, Junk Food is very popular food in the world. Especially, elementary, middle and high schools are very popular.

But, eating junk food has had a negative effect on children health. this is a big problem of obese.

So, some schools agreement to get out of a difficult situation of obese.


Children often eat junk food with lunch time. In schools, junk food are selled by vending machines and children can buying junk food.

it is very easy. So,over time, studentshave come to rely on junk foods from vending machines to make up for the lack of choices in the cafeteria.


Schoolchildren have been a big source of profits for junk food companies.

Of cause, junk food campanie's advertisers and manufacturers are depend on schoolchildren.

If they buy a lot of more to buy junk food, the more their profit is more.

But, eating many junk food is bad effect on schoolchildren's health.

Junk food companies say that the government should not interfere with a person's right to choose what they want to eat.

But, this action is not effective.


Parents argue that it is the goverment's responsibility to provide students with healty and affordable meal choices.

After all, this has led to a reduction in the amount of trans-fat in fast food restaurants.