hue1239 2012-02-02 16:58:49

Junk food has made up the greater part of daily diet for school children. So, it was essential for them to eat junk food.

Most of elementary, middle, and high schools were put vending machines for junk food, and were sold chocolate bars, carbonated soda drinks, salty chips and even chewing gum.

And this became as a big health problem in 2007. So, British government introduced a sales ban of junk food by vending machines. School children's diet were improved by policy.

It seemed that the solution was discoverd it. But advertisers and manufacturers for junk food opposed it. Because their sales depend on schools.

If student wants to eat high-carolie snacks, carbonated soda drinks, salty chips, and chewing gum, it is their intention.

They discussed that government should not act against their convictions. And they objected to the government about the removal of vending machines.

But the government did not accept it. Recently, there has been awareness of the need for low-carolie, nutritious, and in addition delicious food.