hue1233 2012-02-02 19:05:27

There is always junk food close in American middle and high schools. There are many vending machines in cafeterias. It distributes much junk food to many school children. But eating junk food has a bad influence. So school children’s health problems are felt uneasy.

 British government proposed a ban on all vending machines that sell junk food in order to improve the their eating habits. This activity was expanded in various countries. But a decade ago, school districts in Britain, Canada and the U.S. reduced the quantity of food expenses in order to save money. This led to the increase in vending machines, and the student also depended for it on junk food.

The profits of junk food companies are mainly children. There are many school children also especially in it. So advertisers and manufacturers of junk food depend for most profits on school. So they made a protest, saying that the government does not have the right to choose and eat a favorite thing. But it was not helpful.

 The opinion has clashed. School districts argue that the student should restrict a meal selection. On the other hand, parents argue that the government is responsible managing a student’s meal and should offer a healthy meal. By such opinion, surrounding concern increased and consciousness sent also to the amount of consumption of junk food. The meal of school cafeterias should surely become healthier in the future.