hue1244 2012-02-07 18:09:24

  In mamy elementary, middle and high schools, there are vending machines which sell junk food.

But junk food give children negative effect because it has very little nutritional value.

Also, children don't play outside.

These things cause children health problem.

Some school decided to remove junk food from their school.

  The British goverment prohibited from introducing vending machines sell food which contain much fat, salt, and sugar in 2007.

Ten years ago, Canada and theU.S reduced funds for school meals.

Cafeteria hadn't  a small stock of goods.

As a result, students adduicted to junk food.

  While, students give junk food companies profit.

Also, advertisers and manufactures of junk fod depend on profit from school

So, they disagreed with removing vending machine.

And, they insist that students have right to choose.

But goverment didn't listen their insistence.

  Parents argue that goverment should offer healthy and reasonable meal to students.

Also, they insist that it is good things for children to offer low-calolie meals.

These days, there are fast food restaurants which reduce using trans-fat.

In the future, school cafeteria's menu will be healthy.