hue1245 2012-02-08 02:01:38

 Junk food has traditionally been a big part of the daily diet of schoolchildren. Junk food is convenience,but several decades of eating junk food has had a negative effect on school children's health. A recent study showed almost drinks and snacks sold in have very little nutritional value. Then, some schools have vowed to get rid of all junk food in their schools becose of bad health problem.

 Children rely on high in fat, salt, and suger. British government introduced a ban on all vending machines that sell such food. But, junk food vending machine was not abolish. After all, students have come to rely on jank foods from vending machines to make up for the lack of choices in the cafeteria.

 But, companies are avoid get rid of junk food. Becase,they rely on sales to students.

School children and parents have different opinion , but fortunately,there has been a greater awareness of the amount of junk food being consumed.There is a healthier future for school cafeterior before long.