hue1262 2012-02-08 18:00:13

 Junk food is light meal. But it is high calorie. Young people tends to like junk food. A recent study showed that 75 percent of drinks and 85 percent of snacks sold in schools have very little nutritional value. It is bad for the growth of child. Some schools.

 Children have long been addicted to foods that are high in fat,salt, and sugar. It is a big health problem. The British government introduced a ban on all vending ,achines that sell such food in 2007. A decade ago, Canada and U.S. tried to save money by reducing the amount of funds they allocate to school meals. Over time, students have come to rely on junk foods from vending machines to make up for the lack of choice in the cafeteria.

 School districts argue that they have limited choices as to what food to give their students. But parents argue that it is the goverments responsibility to provide students with healthy and affordable meal choices. Fortunately, in the past sveral years, there has been a grether awareness of the amount of junk food being consumed. So maybe there is a healthier future for school cafeterias.