hue1308 2012-02-06 23:56:11

The junk food is food loved by people of the world today. The junk food is the food which children love. There is various junk food at school. There are many vending machines in the space of the cafe of the school. It means that a company and a school offer various junk food to many children.

But, it has various adverse effects on the health of many children. For example, overweight or diabetes. They are negative chains.The health problem of children becomes the social problem all over the world.

The British government suggested the prohibition of all vending machines which sold junk food to improve the custom of their eating habits. This activity was extended in various countries.But,the company which produced junk food about it objected. This is because most of the profit for the food enter the school. Children had a right to be able to choose food to want to eat, the company which produced junk food protested the government.On the other hand, the parents of children insist when a school should provide a healthy meal to children.

Children are nutritious without depending on junk food in the future, and it is important to provide a healthy meal.