hue1414 2012-02-09 02:18:01

Biofuel and alcohol fuel can of synthesis gas using the energy of the organism, and others.

Has been attracting attention as a non-exhaustible resource that can substitute non-renewable resources such as oil.

From what is being said and does not increase total emissions of carbon dioxide, has been attracting attention as an alternative to petroleum fuel primarily to move automobiles and aircraft.

Biofuels are classified into three biomass ethanol, biodiesel, an alternative fuel for diesel gas turbine.

Material of biofuels, such as a wide variety of organic waste such as corn stalks, sugar cane, edible oils, bamboo, wood, manure, sawdust and corn.

However upon increase production, or the spread of bio-fuels, the following issues are present.

 ・To increase production, but a large amount of biofuel crops will require a lot of course, unless the area under cultivation of crops that grow quickly are impossible, such as recommended in the policy, such as in particular.For this reason, but not that will use the grain from the amount of current production, by only demand is stretched in the amount of overall productivity is not up, has resulted in a great rise in the price of grain, in short supply there are concerns that it is not.

Is also present, as is the use of gasoline for automobiles only, say it is still developing stage of considering the application that you can not, such as heating, etc., also in other areas.

Production cost is higher than gasoline on the Japanese tax system, to receive the same treatment as gasoline, sales price becomes higher.

Biofuels have on the characteristics of nature, vulnerable to heat, oxidation and would have been to keep a constant temperature or more locations.Therefore choose a side because of the location or other containers, etc., etc. If you want to use as a fuel for automobiles and airplanes, there is likely to require improved fuel tank.Becomes a factor to raise the production cost of biofuels these problems.