hue1359 2012-02-05 22:25:55

 Corn ethanol fuels and fuel made from switch gass were developed because fossil fuels isharmful for environment. These two fuels are very promising that become alternative fuels or biofuels. Biofuels are fuels that are included biological ingredients. For exaple,plant material. We can get Corn ethanol and switch grass fuels come from plants over and over again.Biofuels can cut doun carbon dioxide up to 94 percent that compare with regular gasoline powered cars.

 Corn ethanol has the advantage that it burns hotter than gasoline. But it has the disadvantages that it needs to develope more and the making process is very energy intensive and wasteful. Moreover, the cultivation of corn is needed wide arable land.


Switch grass that has not been developed so much now is biofuels.But switch grass is very efficient. Because it is a perennial crop and grows on the prairies and can reach 2.2 meters tall.Fortunately, it does not adversely affect food prices.Moreover,some studies show that biofuels using switch grass produce 540 percent more energy than needed to grow, process and refine.So this is a very high “net energy yield,” much better than corn ethanol. But corn ethanol is used more popular than switch grass at present.