hue1467 2012-02-06 02:08:55

After people are born,we have had various influences to the earth.One of them has the Industrial Revolution.The fossil fuel on the earth is not only exhausted after the Industrial Revolution, and it has also had the bad influence on the environment of the earth.Then, the biofuel is observed in recent years.

A biofuel is mainly made from a plant material.And it is refined using ethanol.These can be grown any number of times.As compared with usual gasoline, the amount of discharge of carbon dioxide can reduce these by 94%.

Corn ethanol is good for engine.It takes more corn ethanol fuel to produce the same amount of power compred to used engines now.But it also has bad point. A biofuel will discharge useless energy in the work process.Moreover The land for growing corn is insufficient.Therefore, the American government has taken care of the farmhouse,and they are promoting the biofuel.

Switch grass is one of the most efficient biofuels yet now.It produces 540 persent more engine than needed to grow ,process adn refine.This is more useful than corn ethanol.More over it is the one biofule that does not adversely affect food prices.

Thoes technology’s main gole is to reduce buying amount of oile from the Middle East and produce fuel local of America