hue1370 2012-02-09 20:36:24

Corn Ethanol


Various kinds of fuels exist in the world.

I think that what is particularly is corn ethanol.

So I want to talk about corn ethanol.

Do you know corn ethanol ?

Most of corn ethanols are used by bioethanol.

It has a lot of merits.

For example, it is good for being economical in our use of natural resources.

And shares of bioethanol car are very big in all the countries of the world.

And corn ethanol absorbs a carbon dioxide.

However , it has a little of demerits.

First, it is not very good for the environment.

Because, no corn ethanol can abstract from the corn about the 30 percent.

As a result , it is connected with large scale production.

Second, the market price have really taken off recently.

Consequently, in all over the world people are suffering from a food shortage.

To tell the truth, my hometown is struggling similar a case.

It is radish oil.

This oil is very useful and good for the environment.

Corn ethanol has various problem.

But, it is good for the society to improve the fuels.

As a result, good things are produced.