hue1231 2012-02-07 18:37:34

The city of Kobe in Japan was hit by a large earthquake in January 1995.When the earthquake hit there,buildings buckled,floors crumpled,and walls of homes and office buildings cracked.Victimes were more than 6,000 people,and 50,000 buildings were badly damaged.

Because we had a large earthquake,skyscrapers have been noticed of cutting edge technology.Major metropolitan cities (Tokyo,New York City etc.) focused on it.Scientists and engineers are studying better ways to design these towering buildings.These buildings nickname are smart buildings because many of them are designed to stay standing during an earthquake.

During an earthquake,people inside a skyscraper will scarcely feel any shaking.Smart buildings must be good.Huge weights or damper systems that some buildings have help to stabilize the building and balance of it.These smart technologies are also used military technology.

There is the 55-story Torre Mayor building in Mexico City.It is reputed to be the strongest building in the whole world.It is used round roller bearings and dampers.The dampers minimize swaying.During an earthquake,this building will move a little bit.The Torre Mayor building can withstand an 8.5 earthquake on the Richter scale.

The Kansai airport in Osaka was built on a landfill island in the ocean.When an earthquake occured in Kobe,structual engineers worried whether it might sink in to the water or not.Fortunately,the airport was designed with ideas of seismic isolation technology.Thanks to it,the airport could minimize earthquake's damage through absorption.Smart buildings are going to be common,and they are going to be built in many place in the future.