hue1313 2012-02-07 23:15:16

A major earthquake attacked Kobe in January 1995. More than 6,000 people died and 50,000 buildings were damaged. Since many houses destroyed by this earthquake, the buildings standard after this earthquake became severe and came to make a strong building with latest technique for an earthquake.

 Skyscrapers are made with the latest technology. After the earthquake of Kobe, very strong material is used for the construction of skyscrapers, and engineers devise strong structure to shake.

 During an earthquake, some buildings have huge weights or damper system controlled by computers when the people inside some buildings built using smart technology. This helps balance the building. A lot of smart technology is made use of military technology.

 The strongest building in the world is Torre Mayor building in Mexico City that is 55-story. This building is used round roller bearings and vibration dampers. The vibration damper minimizes a shock. In Mexico City, the probability that an earthquake happens is high. Engineer who is a member of the design term of the building said “The Torre Mayor building can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8.5.

 The Kansai airport is the first airport built on a filled-in land in the world. During the Kobe earthquake, the airport was under construction, but there were not heavy damages. The airport was designed to absorb vibration of earthquake and minimize it.     The expansion of smart buildings technology helps save lives.