hue1251 2012-02-06 11:11:23

In January 1995 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook the city of Kobe, Japan. Due to the earthquake, more than 6,000 people died and 50,000 buildings were severely damaged. As a result, new building code requirements was enacted in Japan.

Scientists and engineers are researching better ways to design towering buildings. These skyscrapers were nicknamed smart buildings. It is because they are designed to keep standing during a big earthquake. Computers control building's weights to glide back and forth in the opposite direction that the buildings is moving during an earthquake. This function helps stability of the building and balance it. A lot of function made from military technology, missile silos, ship decks, and submarines.

The 55-story Torre Mayor building is admitted to be the strongest building on Earth. The building built on Mexico City, this town has a high propensity for earthquakes. If 8.5 earthquake shook the Torre Mayor building, but it can withstand.

The Kansai airport in Osaka was the world's first airport on a landfill island in the ocean. The airport was designed with technology that can stand by the earthquake. In the future, more and more these buildings are going to be commonplace.