hue1406 2012-02-02 23:24:54

This time, I chose a scientific crime. Because I like foreign drama, I had often watched the drama of forensics at home. I will write about forensic.

Forensic science is used for legal purpose, usually criminal investigation and trial. This is involving chemistry, biology, physics, metallurgy, and even engineering. Also, evidence, for example, hair, blood sample, and so on is collected by investigators. These are used in court as an expert witness.

Guns and knives and shirts are used as the physical evidence. In present, techniques of science advance than the past. In addition, trace evidence is like strands of hair, skin, cells, blood specimens or fingerprints. Various methods and equipment are used to analyze by analyzers.

In the drama of CSI, we often hear the term “TOD.” Simply put, TOD is the time of death. Organs respond most quickly to changes in body temperature. After death, a body’s temperature gradually comes down by the surrounding environment. The rate is lower at 1.27 degrees Celsius per hour. So, the investigator can make a prediction the TOD by comparing average and after death body’s temperature.

Stiffening and being locked in a body is rigor mortis. Rigor mortis is Latin term. It is caused by oxygen depletion and the buildup of calcium.