hue1371 2012-02-09 01:45:47

How CT Scans Help The Military

CT scanning machines are routinely used by hospitals and doctors to see straight through human tissue.

Based on X-ray technology, invented back in 1895 by German physicist, CT scans let doctors detect brain tumors, or see broken bones.

But recently, the U.S. Army has been using CT scan technology to help determine the cause of death of soldiers who died in the battlefield.

Scanning replaced autopsies which often took many hours a coroner to discover the actual cause of death.

The CT scan results quickly show where a bullet is inside a soldier’s body and also reveals broken bones.

After each soldier is scanned, the information is kept in a database for reference purposes.

After scanning bodies for several years, one radiologist discovered a disturbind trend.

By examining the data, he found that many American soldiers were dying from bullet wounds to the upper chest.

The information was sent to the manufacturers of body armor equipment.

Body armor is protective bullet-proof clothing worn underneath a soldier or police officer’s uniform.

The radiologist and manufacturer decided to increase the size and length of the body armor for soldiers.

Now soldiers are fighting with better equipment.