hue1318 2012-02-07 16:48:38

 Do you know the birth of the universe? The Big Bang theory explans the birth of the universe. The Big Bang theory postulates that the universe is constantly expanding outward from a central point. Hence it must have been much more contracted at some earlier point in time. Incredible amounts of mass and energy were propelled outward , gradually cooling down and becoming less dense. It is these dense particles that ended up forming planets , asteroids , stars and galaxies. From original Big Bang , gravitational forces formed , allowing for the formation of planets and moons. The Big Bang theory widely acknowledged in the scientific community. However , this theory cannot be fully proven.

 Only in the early years of the 20th century have astronomers and cosmologists been able to bigin to confirm the Big Bang theory using new technology. In 1924 , a famous astronomer Edwin Hubble devised that cosmic distance ladder. He used telescope and measured distances of various galaxies and stars. He used Albert Einstein's theory of relativity to calculate the age of the universe. Based on measurements of radiation waves in the universe , scientists have been able to extrapolate backward how the universe began.

  In 1990 , the Hubble Space Telescope launched by the Spece Shuttle this new space based telescope gave astronomers clearer images o0f deep space. Hubble Telescope is being able to comfirm that the Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old. The earliest phose in the Big Bang theory is unknown. How matter and energy were created out of noting is still a mystery.

 The universe is very interesting because it have many mysteries.