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The tomb of King Tutankhamen, filled with gold relic had remained hidden for 3,000 years. Through the process of mummification the remains of young king have lasted througnout the centuries, since 1325 B.C.


This amazing finding began in 1907 in the valley of the Kings. An American bussiness man found embalming materials. It was used to preveny decomposition and help the mummy's soul journey to the afterlife. British explorer Howard Carter and his partner Lord Carnarvon began digging after World War One. When Carter's team discovered King Tut's tomb in 1922, they learned mummification.


Ancient Egyptian Kings had been buried in an elaborate sarcophagus or coffin. A mummy is simply a corpse whose flesh has been preserved by chemicals and low temperatures. The mummification process has scientic techniqes. First, pulling the brain and organs out the body. Only the heart was left inside, symbolizing the mummy's emotions and mind. Then, the body would be thoroughly cleansed. Next, mercury, scented oild and 180kg of special natron salts were applied.


Once the mummy was prepared, the wrapping began. Large section of linen were thrown over the body as abase layer. This painstaking process involved an elaborate wrapping technique. Sometimes they would place protective amulets and jewelry in between some of the layers. The3 bandages were wrapped very tightly to keep the distinct figure of the mummy. Lastly, a ceremonial mask, likek King Tut's exquiste gold mask, was placed to finish preserve all of Egypt's kings or pharaohs, keeping them safe untill they reached the after life.