hue9126 2012-02-06 12:34:03
The discovery on the archaeology as which we feel charm most is a mummy. The tomb of King Tut had remained hidden for 3,000 years. It gave us great surprise. It eluded even the cleverest of tomb robbers. This amazing archaeological find begin in 1907 in the Valley of the Kings. A mummy is saved by the method of the prevention from decomposition using the linen which we know, and help the mummy’s soul journey to the afterlife. After World War One, British explorer Howard Carter and his partner Lord Carnarvon discovered King Tut’s tomb in 1922, they learned about the world’s oldest preservation technique --- mummification. Then, there is what kind of mummies, how is it made? For example, King Tut’s mummy had been buried in an elaborate sarcophagus or chemicals and low temperatures. How to make takes out the brain from a nose using a hook first. Other internal organs like the intestines, stomach, liver and the lungs are taken out from the side of the body. It leaves the heart. Because, it is since the heart is a soul. And the body is purified with the water of the Nile River. The oilof mercury is applied and 180kg of special natron salts is applied. And it puts with sand, sawdust, and linen. The mummy is mystical. This elaborate procedure was used to preserve all of Egypt’s kings or pharaohs, keeping them safe until they reached the afterlife.