hue1363 2012-02-09 17:22:04
Viewers of CSI series has entertained millions of and weekly. The high rating is, we have the science of crime investigation idealized. It is quite common in the drama. For example, in the drama that adversely affect the actual judicial system. Some legal analysts has been to induce the jury in criminal cases under the influence of television, expect a rapid resolution of the artifact. There were police, morgue and from the popularity of the series, the increase in application of science at the Institute. Forensic-related courses at the university increases, has been established for the acquisition of the undergraduate student. However, know the reality of urban crime, unfortunately, many graduates are disappointed. It is not only most facilities and activities such as drama. Experts claim that has been simplified by the drama and to prosecute the crime even though a very complex system. In order to expand the story but the norm. Also, pay attention so as not to give knowledge in favor of the actual criminal. See you again Webb! Karadaniha Kiwotsukete!