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Hybrid car vs. Electric car (p.50-51)

 The main goal of developing a new type of environmentally friendly car will have a cleaner or pollution-free engine. This would increase fuel savings and reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions. Now, that leaves hybrid and electric car as the best option for alternative engine designs.

 A hybrid car uses a combination of fuel sources to power the engine. When a driver is idling at a stop light waiting for the light to turn green, a hybrid car uses only battery power. The hybrid’s engines do not excess power. Hence, hybrid cars are very efficient for city driving due to all the stopping and starting.

 An electric car are dependent on a set of rechargeable batteries provide electricity to the motor, their range is limited. Additionally, their acceleration is quite slow. And a typical electric car can only run 100 to 300 km. because electric cars are ideal for short trips in the city, but very impractical for longer road trips.

 Tesla Motor is stylish but is priced a little high to be competitive. Tesla Motor was making by a small California company. This company believes that once the major car manufacturers start to produce electric cars in great volume, prices will come down. They are introducing hybrid models as the way of the future.


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