c21256am 2011-12-13 23:42:04

Hello! I want to talk about my childfood story.


I was active child when I was an elementary school child.

I liked my erementary school because I enjoyed talking with my classmate and playing sports.  I especially liked swimming, soccer, and skating.

But I did not like studying. And I disliked my teacher because He was partical to favors his favorite.That was why I did not like him.

I thought that I did not want to be an adult such as him at the time.


Next, I talk to you about me except school life.

I am the first daughter, however I was selfish child than my young sister.

First, I had so many like and dislike in food. I did not like onion and carrot, and so on. Of course, I can eat its now.

Second, I often was pleading for toys when I went to shopping with my family.

My parents and grandparents racked their brains trying to give up, I think.


In junior high school, I liked to play sports than I'm elementary school child.

I joined for badminton club in those days. I liked it very much but it's hard for me. So I has not had a fine record.

And I liked studying in school than I was an elementary school child.

I was immersed in my study except geography.


That's all for my childfood story. Thanks you for reading.