hue9469 2012-02-10 00:46:13

Traveling by an airplane is formal for millions people.
When people go through boarding procedures to inside at an airport, those loads and the carrying-in baggage bag inside the plane must pass an elaborate screening process.
The machine which performs this duty is a metal detector or a scanner of X-rays typically.
A metal discoverer's principle is completely simple.
There is a wire coil inside mechanical.
this flow -- electromagnetism -- a boundary is created.
dilection of the present flow is made reverse.
Thousands of times per second.
This flow or pulse becomes late and it distributes it.
arbitrary metalic objects, such as a key, coin, a knife, or a mobile phone that inputs this by chance, -- electromagnetism -- a boundary will affect the speed of a flow.
They are them when a passenger places.
The bag by X-rays is machineable.
They experience a kind of electromagnetic energy.
X ray technology is used in a CT scanner at an airport.
X-rays are dinsty of each object which bounces from the object inside a suitcase, and a lot of measurement.
Subordinately, I dislike a metak discoverer and ct scan.
Since this is not that an able effective and newer high technology system is developed, it is discovery of the chemical component of each item.