hue1412 2012-02-08 15:54:29

The C.S.I. Effect

The television shows C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigator is very popular.

But the success of the C.S.I. forensic-science series has idealized the science of

investigating crimes. This has created a term called the C.S.I. effect.

This effect has positive and negative side.

The C.S.I. shows have adversely impacted the justice system.


Positive Effects

Since the first C.S.I. show started in 2000, there has been an increase in applicants

at police stations, morgues and science laboratories. Therefore applications for

forensic related fields have risen in universities. But many graduates are disappointed

that difference between real and C.S.I. shows.


Negative Effects

The C.S.I. effect is often more negative than positive. For example, C.S.I. shows

have simplified a very complex system of analyzing evidence and prosecuting


And Techniques from previous C.S.I. shows that using bleach to remove blood stains or

fingerprints are ill-used by criminals.


Influencing Court Cases

Court cases are changed by the C.S.I. effect. Now, forensic-science are too relied on court than before.

 Forensic evidence like DNA sample dominate a large part of court cases. This is contrast to previous cases where motive and opportunity to commit a crime were the main focus.  This pressure on forensic technicians.

TV show never have had such an important effect on the justice system before.