hue1381 2012-02-09 19:49:26

Do you know  King Tutankhamen? He was a famous king of  acient Egypt and he slept in the Egyptian desert. 

In 1922, Howard Carter discovered King Tut`s mummified body. It was the start  of  the rumor that  people associated with the King Tut died. 

Why  the rumor happend? Actually, in 1923, Lord George Herbert Carnarvon suddenly died in Cairo. He was a Carter`s partner  who was best

known as helping to finance the excavation. And other people associated with the expedition  also died strangely.  The locals thought the cause

of their`s death was the curse by King Tut`s anger. Because  the locals  know people lived  in   acient  Egypt  believe that  wrapping up Egyptian

kings is  very   important.


But recently, an important thing was discovered.                     

Bacteria on the wall of the King Tut might have caused the curse.

For example, the British medical Journal announced the results that people who

had entered the tomb lived an average of 20.8 years after being exposed to the tomb

dust .  But people who not exposed to tomb lived 28.9 years. In short, anyone  who entered the tomb breathed in microscopic spores floating in the air.

In spite of the results, Howard Carter lived for another 16 years , dying of cancer in 1939.


Which do you believe the rumor or the results?