hue1362 2012-02-09 23:47:54

 When the tomb of King of Tutankhamen was not found, rumors started to spread. They  were the curse which reached by having unearthed King Tut’s mummified body in 1922. A year after opening the door to King Tut’s tomb, Lord Carnarvon suddenly death. A Although the cause was bit by the mosquito, the locals didn’t believe it. Moreover  a few hours later, his dog died. The locals thought that their death was a curse of King Tut. Digging up a mummy was viewed in Egypt as obstructing the life force – hence the curse.

 In 2002, a cause of his death made clear. It was toxic dust particles. According to the respected British Medical Journal published a scientific study, when the King Tut's mummy was found, the survival rates of 44 Westerners who had been in Egypt. The those an average that entered the tomb full of dust was 20.8 years. But the people not entered the tomb was 28.9 years. Toxic bacteria on the wall of the tomb were connected with their death. However these mysterious deaths, Howard Carter who is an authority of an excavation lived for another 16 years. Today, many people can visit King Tut’s museum in Cairo.

 Judging this mysterious story for yourself.