hue1234 2012-02-03 18:29:56

When we catch the information about losing weight and eating good and bad fats, we are shocked. There are a lot of kinds of fats in the world. Trans fats can be found in fast food, essential fatty acids, unhealthy saturated fats and healthy unsaturated fats. Too much amounts of fat can cause to gain weight or to bring about heart diseases.

 When people swallow something to eat, it goes to the stomach and intestines. After that it is digested. Enzymes interference the swallowed food, and break down the fatty parts.

 Glycogen is one of the most important energy source in the body. Its form is a kind of sugar. It comes from carbohydrates. Liver is the place where glucose is saved when we eat something. To keep working our bodies normally, it is released into the bloodstream as glycogen at the same time.

 Saturated fats are the unhealthiest fats for us. Because they cannot be easily broken down by the enzymes in our body. The reason why that it is unhealthy not to be broken down fats is they stay in our body as if our tiny body is their resort hotel. In addition, they are swimming, getting sunburned, playing around with a sexy woman in our bloodstream. In those days they increases our cholesterol level.