hue1311 2012-02-08 14:12:11

We are easy to be affected by the media and the newspaper. Information about the particularly good diet cure and diet all the more.

For example, saturated fat found with a dish using the vegetable oil such as fried chicken, potato chip, the hamburger is the most unhealthy fat for human beings. The saturated fat cannot be easily broken down for oxygen of one's body and that is why the fat remains in health and is effective in raising a cholesterol level. However, I cannot easily disintegrate with the enzyme in one's body. Conversely, the unsaturated fat found in oil such as a salmon, a tuna and the herring-like fish is healthy. For example, unsaturated fat has omega -3, and it improves memory and is able to help that I reduce the risk of the heart trouble.

In addition, glycogen is one of the energy sources that are the most important with a body. The form is a kind of sugar. It comes from carbohydrates. When we eat something, the liver is the place where glucose is stored. It is released as glycogen at the same time by bloodstream to continue moving our body normally.

And it is fixed how long you exercise energetically to get thinner what you eat. Glucose which is taken more in by eating and drinking burns by exercising and I collect it in the body as fat and am hard to be crowded and do it.