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Junk food is eaten by many elementary, middle and high school students.Many children’s lunch rely on buying junk food from vending machine.They loved junk food, such as chocolate bars,carbonated soda drinks, salty chips and chewing gum.

But eating Junk food has an bad effect.This became such a big health problem.They are more obese and sedentary than in the past, and they have long been addicted to foods that are high in fat, salt, and sugar.

In 2007, the British government proposed a ban on all vending machines that sell junk food, but it wasn’t just abolish such food vending machines.Such activity was extended other countries.In Britain, junk food manufacturers lobbied the government because the abolition of vending machines since it cut into their sales.Junk food company expects of that kids consuming junk food in school.But this activity came to nothing.

School districts argue that they have limited choices as to what food to give their students.However it is the government’s responsibility provide to students with healthy and affordable meal choices, parents argue.They argue that food service companies provided well-balanced meals that are nutritious and enjoyable for the students.A awareness of large-scale consuming has led to a reduction in the amount of trans-fat in fast food restaurant.